Introduction to the enterprise
Introduction to the enterprise

Zhumadian substantial grain and oil food co., LTD(Located in zhumadian hi-tech development zone business avenue19Number)Is a mainly sesame processing of production-oriented enterprises,The registered capital1020Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area30m。The company introduces advanced sesame sesame oil and edible sesame processing production line,In ability to deal with sesame seeds2Ten thousand tons,At the same time the company has a group of advanced talents,Bachelor degree(Contain)The above personnel of enterprise employees40%The above,A foreign food experts,In the aspect of management and technology provides a strong support for the development of the company。Total fixed assets of the corporation8000Ten thousand yuan,Annual output value3.2One hundred million yuan。Adhering to the original、Pure natural、Health and nutrition of product ideas,Substantial grain is committed to be socially responsible sesame experts。 

The company predecessor is established with the cooperation of grain and oil import and export company of guangdong province“Guangzhou qinfeng grain and oil sesame processing plants”,Founded in1982Years,Engaged in the peeling white sesame、Peeling peanuts、Black sesame and other agricultural products select processing。Its purpose is to put the zhumadian with local high quality sesame、Peanuts into the national and overseas market。In1986Awarded by guangdong import and export inspection bureau“Export commodity production enterprises in guangdong province”Qualification,Products are exported to the us、The United Kingdom、Japan、South Korea and Hong Kong and other places。

In order to ensure product quality and stability of the raw materials。2000The establishment of the guangzhou east qinfeng grain and oil processing plant selection in zhumadian branch factory,Company with“Good faith for this,Quality first”Is the management idea,Has been the ministry of agriculture of the People's Republic of China、Successively awarded in henan province people's government“Excellent product award”、“Enterprise management standard the gold medal”And“The national agricultural products processing quality product award”。

2010Company relocation in zhumadian high-tech industrial park,Renamed“Zhumadian substantial grain and oil food co., LTD”,The company covers an area of20000Square meters(The production workshop12000Square meters,Research and development of office building3000Square meters),With2014Years was awarded“Zhumadian city agriculture industrialization key leading enterprise”。 In order to adapt to the modern international enterprise sets high standards for food and raw materials,2015In the company investment again3000All for the upgrading of production workshop,So as to realize the traditional processing of agricultural products to the control of the transformation of large-scale production,Is the first to establish in ChinaPLCAutomatic control system of sesame processing enterprises。In product quality and stability get highly praise of the industry。

In order to strengthen our sesame raw material supply and production control,At the same time also to cater to the development of the enterprise vertical integration strategy,Through many years for the company、Asian countries such as sesame producing investigation and experiment,2015The establishment of the investment in Bangladesh for his first foreign sesame planting base。Base is located in Bangladesh's Mr. Ghani county administrative zones,Covers an area of1886Ha(28290m)。Distance from the capital, dhaka, Bangladesh103Kilometers,Distance and mong la port100Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior。The future is not only a sesame planting base areas,In China“the Belt and Roa”Train of thought and strategy of the asia-pacific free trade environment,The company will continue to further cooperation in the field of agriculture in Bangladesh。

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Zhumadian substantial grain and oil food co., LTD

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Henan·Zhumadian     0396——2697333


Guangdong·Guangzhou city     020——86021137

Zip code:463000

The site of factory:Zhumadian development zone industrial park venture road east road19Number

Knowledge about sesame sesame oil
  • Use of sesame seeds

    Use of sesame seeds

    To eat:

    1、Health keeping in good health

    Sesame oil as refreshing and eyesight、To protect the liver and kidneys、Protect blood vessels and internal organs,The tracheitis、Emphysema have certain curative effect。

    2、Beauty in yan

    Long-term edible sesame oil,Sediment can expel excess fat and blood vessels,Make the skin smooth elastic,Long remains young。

    3、Qing pharynx and throat

    Often drink sesame oil can increase the elasticity of the vocal cords,Make the glottis zhang combined flexible and strong,The voice hoarse、Chronic pharyngitis have good recovery effect。

    4、Runchang purge

    Habitual constipation,Hollow in the morning and evening drink a sesame oil,To achieve clear bowel,The effect of the bowel。

    For external use only:

  • Sesame diet7Kind of method

    Sesame diet7Kind of method

    In ancient China,Sesame is always regarded as a longevity food,Song dynasty poet su dongpo also thought,Sesame can strong body,Anti-aging,In nine steamed til,Peel with poria cocos,Less into Bai Mi for pasta,Long strength,Everything from to,This is key to longevity。

    Sesame food is almost a household name,It contains the fatty oil、Sucrose、Pentosan、Lecithin、The protein、ZhiMa element、ZhiMa oil phenol and other nutrients,It can extract oil,The aromatic anomalies,Is the spice of a favorite。

    Sesame seeds are not only rich nutrition,Fragrant delicious,And with runchang purge、Lung qi、The effect of spleen long muscle,Could be accessed by blood

  • Sesame nutrition and diet health care

    Sesame nutrition and diet health care

    Sesame say again til、ZhiMa、Wu ma、Huge win、The dog lice、Hemp、Small til,It also points two kinds of black and white。Sesame can directly eat,And can be used as fuel。To eat is better to white sesame,Tonic multi-purpose black sesame。“Compendium of materia medica”On the record:“Sesame filling viscera、Good strength、Long muscles、Fill in the medullary brain”,Often eat sesame can make a hair pitch-black shine,For a long time the intellectual man fit not old。

    Sesame of nutrition and health care function

    Sesame seed is rich in nutrition and comprehensive,Each hectogram sesame contains proteins21.9G、Fat61.7G、Calcium564Mg、Phosphorus386Mg、Iron50Mg。It also contains vitaminA、Vitamins

  • Sesame nutritive value

    Sesame nutritive value

    Applicable to the crowd:

    In the general population are edible。

    Taboo crowd:

    With bacillary dysentery、Acute gastroenteritis、Avoid eating diarrhea disease。

    Efficacy and function:


    In our country and the United States、Japan、Studies have shown that in India,Long-term edible sesame oil can obviously reduce the incidence of hypertension,Also can reduce high blood pressure patients must be taking drugs for lowering blood pressure。

    2.The prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

    Sesame oil is rich in healthy,Especially good for the health of heart and blood vessels of unsaturated fatty acids,These unsaturated fatty acid can be absorbed in the body break down and use,The promotion of cholesterol metabolism,To clear

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