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  1. New breakthrough technology:Until joy6DWExternal reset new electrothermal faucet
  2. Secco until innovation kitchen treasure Energy saving province water more electricity
  3. Looks new Win-win future---Secco until ju-xia Chen, general manager of the New Year
  4. Marketing a new change Share to win the future 2017Until le marketing summit
  5. Electric faucet revolution”The non-furring until joy of electrothermal faucet has arrived
  6. Secco until confortec joy at changsha, hunan international convention and exhibition center
  7. Marketing a new upgrade!Until happy hand in hand very home of group company make after-sales
  8. Fashionable sanitary taste life Secco until intelligent integrated shower panel water heater
  9. Swimming in the shower new experiences Until joyK3When the hot new intelligent drive led speed
  10. Congratulations to branch until LeChangChun international hutch defends electric appliance exhibition a complete success

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  1. Secco until electrothermal faucet hot bartender method of replacement
  2. Secco until electrothermal faucet-Power plug installation is introduced
  3. Secco until electrothermal faucet-Under the water dark outfit(In order toJDR-6DAs an example)Installation video
  4. Secco until electrothermal faucet-The side into the water(In order toJDR-4CAs an example)The installation is introduced
  5. Secco until electrothermal faucetCCTVCCTV video advertising
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